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Tick Talk

We’re well aware of the dangers of tick bites. Unfortunately, these pests aren’t going away any time soon. Take measures to protect yourself from bites and do a thorough check after  you’ve spent time outside. 

Consider trying this homeopathic remedy for preventing tick and other bug bites or you can also use this after you discover you have a bite. 

Remedies to have on hand:

  • Staphasagria 200CH 

  • Ledum 200CH

  • Hypericum 200CH

  • Apis 200CH 

  • Histaminum 30CH

One or two of each of these pellets can be taken together or separately before or after being outside. Pellets can be taken orally in pellet form or mixed in a small amount of distilled or filtered water in a glass bottle. Take one or two drops orally before and/or after being outside.

It’s also a good idea to keep a bottle of Atlantick spray handy for people and pets. The original formula is recommended for tick prevention and the newer formula, Tick Attack, provides protection against ticks and other biting insects.

All of these items are available at Honey & Ginger stores. Be prepared!


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