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We are your source for health food, supplements, natural beauty and wellness products, as well as advice and services provided by skilled practitioners committed to supporting you in your journey to a healthier body and mind.

Our Story

When Barb Brennan opened the first location of Honey & Ginger in 2016, it was an opportunity to meet the need for a health food store in

Dartmouth—and a chance to pursue her passion for health and wellness. 


After raising her children, Barb returned to school to study nutrition.

Her passion led to work in the field, and eventually a big move to business ownership with her husband Jim. Their daughter Maggie also works in the business. They are proud to offer a wide range of holistic health services by skilled practitioners. 


As a Registered Holistic Nutritional Consultant, Barb says she takes a food-first approach to health, advising clients that nothing replaces a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet with whole foods. 


“It's about working with people to help them find solutions to their health concerns… talking through possibilities, having them make a choice, own it, and following through,” says Barb. “The most important piece is understanding that it’s not an overnight fix. Taking small steps and sticking with those changes over time can have a huge impact on overall health.” 


Barb enjoys travel, hiking, has run a few marathons, and was a marathon walk/run coach for several years. Her dogs Bee and Miley occasionally make an appearance in the shops.


Honey & Ginger has two locations in the Halifax area, on Baker Drive in Dartmouth and in the Larry Uteck area in Bedford.


Our Mission

Provide gentle and preventative wellness choices to enable stronger and happier lives and communities.

Our Vision

Energizing individuals to recognize their health and wellness potential and supporting them through their journey.

Our Values

Balancing Rocks


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Continual Learning

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