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Natural Products for Pets… a great choice!

Today, people are making more informed choices about their purchases, such as having a preference for natural products over synthetically produced ones. Conscientious consumers are making this choice not only for themselves, but for their pets as well. Let’s look at some advantages of using natural products for your pet:

1) Human safety                                                          

Using natural products for your pets will reduce your chance of exposure to toxic products. Pets are in frequent contact with people, especially children, this is why it’s important to consider using naturally sourced products, rather than harsh chemicals.

2) No strange side effects

Natural products are well known for their quality. Products containing artificial ingredients can cause itching or skin irritation in pets. Natural products of high quality provide better care for your pet’s grooming needs.

3) Quality of life

Natural products are free of toxic chemicals proven to harm pets. Instead of posing harm and health risks, natural products will only boost the overall well-being of your pet. This high quality of life will result in a longer lifespan of your pet.

4) Faster Healing

Natural products provide faster and better healing not only for humans, but for pets as well. This is because natural ingredients are easily absorbed by the body, resulting in a faster recovery time. Additionally, plant based products are considered to have more healing properties than chemically based ones.

5) Strengthening the Immune System

Just like humans, your pet’s skin and coat are a natural barrier against diseases, invading microbes and viruses. Using 100% natural pet care products strengthens the pet’s immune system, therefore defending your pet against the adverse reactions caused by harsh substances that weaken the skin. Grooming products containing chemically derived ingredients such as bleach, lighteners, pesticides and sulfates, could potentially weaken your pet’s immune system.

6) Lower Risk of Allergies

Pet care products that are all natural help your pet avoid the risk of developing or aggravating allergies. Using natural products can help save you money over the long run in expensive vet bills for allergies and other adverse effects.

7) Respecting animal nature

The natural ingredients used in the pet product formulas are chosen based on holistic veterinary knowledge of the species’ needs resulting in gentle, simple and efficient product formulas respecting their basic needs for keeping them healthy naturally.

In conclusion, as conscious consumers for ourselves, we are now more aware of the benefits of natural  products for our pets as well. You will notice the benefits of natural pet products as soon as you start using them!

Let us know if you have questions. We love to chat about natural pet care.

 – Submitted by Gisela Novaes, Holistic Veterinarian and Owner of Nature’s Pet

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