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Meet the Team: Carl York

We are so fortunate to have skilled practitioners on site, working in our wellness centre to provide our customers with even more options for achieving their health and wellness goals. Here, we’re profiling Carl York, an osteopath working in our Dartmouth Wellness Centre.

Why did you choose to practice at the Honey & Ginger Wellness Centre?

The practitioners at Honey & Ginger work really well as an integrated team. The group is very like-minded but each person brings their individual strengths to the table. Most importantly, everyone is open to working together to help each other and each patient and customer.

Why do you like working in the areas of health and wellness?

It feels like a job with some purpose. By helping people to improve their health and wellness I have seen the effects spill over into every area of people’s lives and I’m lucky to have some part in that.

What Honey & Ginger product do you often recommend to your clients?

Natural Calm magnesium supplement. Up to 80 percent of people are magnesium deficient and unfortunately even if people are eating the right foods, the mineral levels in many food are lower than expected due to the quality of the soil that those foods are grown in. Magnesium deficiency can lead to a feeling of being stressed, nervousness, fatigue, low energy, muscle spasms and headaches – all of which many of my patients present with. The magnesium in Natural Calm is in a highly absorbable form and is nice to take in the morning or before bed in a warm drink.


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