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Introducing a Ready-to-Drink Fortified Probiotic for Immune Support and Skin Health

Bioteem40 is a Nova Scotian based wellness brand focused on developing natural products with a holistic approach to effective solutions for the commonest health and age-related conditions.

By combining the therapeutics of probiotics with essential vitamins, minerals, omega lipids, antioxidants and more, our mission is to boost your gut health with the power of 30 probiotic strains so you can readily absorb the essential nutritional components of our products to support your immune system and target gut and skin health related issues.

Bioteem40 believes in Simplified Holistic Nutrition, dedicating over 30 years of biotechnology and functional nutritional expertise into our products has allowed us to simplify your nutritional needs with a ready-to-drink fortified probiotic for Immune Support and Skin Health.

Using only the highest quality ingredients sourced from marine and plant-based extracts, our ingredients are bioavailable for easier absorption and greater efficacy. $2.00 a day is all you need to boost your gut health, support your immune system and start healing your skin from within.

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