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Jennifer Scott

Nutritional Consulting

Hello, I’m Jennifer!

I am a Registered Holistic Nutritional Consultant and a Culinary Nutrition Expert who has a passion for helping men and women lose stubborn pounds. It’s a rewarding experience to see a client’s energy and happiness skyrocket as they simultaneously gain confidence and drop inches.

Conquering a lingering weight loss goal is a substantial personal victory that tends to have a ripple effect on improving other areas of life. When you lose weight by focusing on optimal nutrition and wellness, you also see advancements in your skin, mood, hormonal balance, sleep, dental health, and much more.

Helping you understand why you overeat & how to stop, sharing optimal eating and digestion habits, and helping you choose the rights foods, so you get the results you want are some of the topics we tackle.  Everyone’s path is unique, but there are commonalities and similar hurdles that tend to sabotage all our efforts, which are more than possible to overcome. I also focus on assisting you to show up for yourself and encouraging you to take time to care for your body, mind, and spirit, which all support weight loss.

It can be confusing to take action when there are so many options and so much information available. If you have struggled to lose weight for years, you might even feel it is an impossible goal. Before embarking on my education in nutrition, I was also confused while trying to navigate conflicting information on diets, and I struggled with emotional eating. However, I finally discovered there is more than one road to the destination, and I will help you find the path that will work for you.

I have created a program that brings all the information together in an easy to follow road map:

Our work together includes a six-month coaching program, followed by six months of implementation and follow up, tailored to help you make significant and lasting changes. Step by step, we will work together to overcome the habits and obstacles that have gotten in the way of your weight loss and health goals.

Who is the program best suited for?

Motivated men or women who want to lose between 10 lbs to 75 lbs, who would like to incorporate exercise, and who are ready to make or solidify significant changes in wellness habits such as diet, sleep, mindset, movement, and fitness.

Our work together includes:

Weekly & bi-weekly in-person coaching sessions for six months. As your coach, I am also available by phone, text & email. We will work on topics customized to what you most need. Some of these options include:

- Getting organized for weight loss success.

- Planning meals, choosing which specific foods to eat and learning when to eat.

- Help to overcome cravings and other factors sabotaging your efforts.

- Understanding how hormones and your brain affect your ability to get the results you want.

Once the main program is complete, we will meet once a month for six additional months, to continue to grow your results. By implementing changes over a year, you do not have to fear you will not meet your goals or that you won’t have the support to make lasting changes. I am grateful to have experienced firsthand how nutrition and fitness have improved my life, and I am looking forward to supporting you one on one to achieve your transformation!

For more information or to set up a free consultation, please contact Honey & Ginger Reception (902)431-0801 Ext. 102, click "Book Appointment" above or email me at

Yours in health & happiness,

Jennifer Scott RHN, CNE


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