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Med Counselling RCT, CCC

Heather Deighan

Counselling Therapy

Heather is a compassionate and experienced holistic therapist with a deep understanding of the mind-body-spirit connection; she is devoted to guiding her clients through their journeys of emotional healing, nourishing their inner selves with love, helping them to achieve transformation and harmony.

Heather is an experienced facilitator, individual, youth, addictions and couples counsellor and spiritual guide who supports individuals on their healing paths through a trauma-informed approach. The therapeutic modalities Heather employs are Cognitive Behavioural, Acceptance Commitment and Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, narrative, solution-focused, internal family systems, mindfulness, and strength-based approaches. Aside from traditional talk therapy, Heather also utilizes somatic experiencing and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) to help facilitate emotional healing for clients. 

One of Heather's core beliefs is that each person has the power to heal themselves; her therapy sessions encourage clients to tap into their body's innate healing abilities and access their inner wisdom and intuition. Heather gently and curiously guides her clients through mindfulness practices to help them cultivate a sense of calm and presence; her approach is grounded in a deep sense of empathy and compassion. 

Heather's warmth and kindness have earned her a reputation for being a trustworthy and approachable therapist who creates a safe and supportive environment for her clients who represent a variety of cultures and diverse backgrounds; they can expect to leave sessions feeling empowered to lead joyful, fulfilling lives.

To learn more about Heather Deighan and Mended Pathways Wellness, visit  Contact her for a FREE 15-minute consultation. 

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